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One Beautiful System

Valetto is a fully-integrated, cloud-based, ticket-less system for managing your valet and garage that delivers a delightful experience to your guests, attendants, and corporate office team.

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What makes Valetto better?

A better handle on your business

By replacing disjointed, clunky tools with a beautiful, comprehensive system that gives you a full picture of what's happening everywhere, anytime and that connects seamlessly with the other tools you use (like payroll, booking, accounting, etc) you will have a tighter grip on your business and have an easier time running it.

Happier, more productive, employees.

By eliminating draining, monotonous, error-prone tasks like collecting payment and managing tickets, attendants can focus on the most important task; providing delightful service to guests.

Delighted guests

Eliminating the need for a ticket and giving them the ability to order ahead are exactly what today's guests expect. Guests are more likely to tip their attendants, to rate and give feedback on their experience, and to prefer locations that offer Valetto.

A better bottom line.


Attendant churn


Cars parked per attendant
Additional concessions


Credit card fraud
Cash-handling costs
Fraudulent damage claims.

everything you need.
nothing you don't.

Delight Guests
ticketless, app-less and cashless.
Empower Attendants
focus on providing remarkable guest service.
Collect More
elegantly collect every form of payment for every rate.
Manage Easily
Full activity history, dashboards, analytics accessible from anywhere.
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